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About Leeway Tours

We are here to cater to your needs when travelling to Sri Lanka. Whether it's an Adventure tour or a cultural tour, we got you covered. We design the tour itinerary according to your needs, so that you can have the best experience during your stay in Sri Lanka.

Adventure Tours

If you are an Adventure lover, Sri Lanka has many new experiences waiting for you. Those include, but not limited to exciting activities such as wildlife safaris, rock climbing, white water rafting, waterfall bathing, camping and surfing on the exotic beaches of Sri Lanka.

Jungle River

Cultural Tours

Sri Lanka is a country filled with cultural significance. It has been the foundation of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has many religious places and history that suprises anyone who visits of any religion


We also provide the following kind of tour packages :  

  • ​Honeymoon Packages

  • Leisure Packages

  • Entertainment Packages

  • and many more ;


Our Gallery

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